LaserCut est le logiciel associé à la découpeuse Laser MLlaser ML-W1290 150W

LaserCut 6.1

The first thing to do is to import your .dxf file.

You see the imported shape.

In this software you select the shape and give them a color that will be related to a layer on the right part of the screen. Each element of the same layer will have the same parameters : mode , speed and power.

If you want to cut and engrave, you will need at least 2 layers : one to engrave and one to cut.

The layer will be processed in the displayed order. It is important to cut the external shape at last, the object will be free to move and fall, so generally it is placed on the last layer.

The name given to the modes are misleading … Cut means that it will follow the line. But the speed and power parameters will determine if it cut or engrave…

I engrave a lot with the cut mode !

Engrave will fill the surface of a shape with parallel lines. Hole will give a single burst of laser along the line of the model.

It would have been smarter to call them : line and surface.

When you double click on the layer on the right side of the screen, a pop-up screen gives mode parameters : speed, accelerations , accelerations in the corner, minimum and maximum power related to acceleration, and if you want to blow some air to push down the flame under the lens.

Engrave have other parameters and is generally used with high speed.

When all the configuration of your files, the setup of the device and all the security check are done, you can launch the job by clicking on Start .

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